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We have been serving breakfast and hot coffee. We have built friendship and trust in you – our clients.

For you, our guests, we open the doors to a whole new world, where you will dive into the scent of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, and violets. Our young and inspired bakers, united by their love for art and desserts, created the most beautiful dessert in a plate and we will gladly to present it to you with love and care. 

We believe that the dessert itself is magic when it’s made with love and the right ingredients. We also believe that the right formula for a dessert, which brings people positive energy, is not only the combination of the right ingredients but ought to be prepared by someone who put a personal touch into it. 

Feel the magic of our art and bring warmth and color into the spirit of your day and being a part of the colorful and delicious Corso experience.