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On the third floor you will find the spacious Corso Restaurant with a stylish and elegant design. A window wall reveals a mesmerising view to the authentic Russian church and the night lights of Sofia city center. 

Chef Vladimir Todorov is the maestro in Corso Restaurant and he is the person responsible for combing fresh products, tastes, colors and spices… In general, everything necessary for creating an irresistibly delicious dish.

The concept of his spring menu is a simple combination of the best products, different tastes and extraordinary presentation with dishes from the Bulgarian national cuisine. We highly recommend you trying the Mish-mash with a fried egg and herbal crunches. 

There will be nothing left to add, after we tell you that in April 2016 Chef Todorov won the “Bulgaria’s Chef“ award in the biggest culinary competition in the country, organized by the Bulgarian Association Of Professional Chefs. For now, this has been the biggest competition of its kind – more than 130 participants. 

He also won the award “Best culinary student” for 2015 in the USA, a competition, organized by the American Culinary Federation.

A team of professionals will help you organize your wedding, private party, cocktail or corporate event in Corso!